Before you get in touch, please familiarize yourself with all the information on my site, including my FAQ.

You may get in touch using my email address, (Please note the ".ch" - I recommend that clients, especially those based in the US or mindful of privacy, take a few moments to sign up for a address too.  This is currently the most secure option for end-to-end encryption of our communications.)

Please note that I'm very busy, and reply selectively to the messages that have evidently have had time and care put into them. Please ensure you include your name, phone number, and a little bit about yourself. You may want to talk about your background, occupation, general interests and previous experiences (if any). Think of what you'd say in your opening message on a dating site! I'd also like to know how long you'd like to spend together (My minimum date length is usually 2-4 hours), where we're meeting (I'm based in London but you may wish to fly me out or see me whilst I travel) and what you'd like to get up to on our date.

I would also appreciate at least three suggestions for a date/time to meet, giving as broad a window of availability as possible. A week or two's notice is ideal, although I am occasionally able to cater to more spontaneous date requests, especially if what you have in mind is too good to resist.