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I’m Valerie August, an independent escort and high class companion in London. You should enter my site via one of the buttons above. Visit my intro page to see more about my high end escort services, and my BDSM, GFE, fetish, submissive or Mistress pages to learn more about BDSM services. If you’d like to see high end images, check out my gallery. Or you can jump straight into making a date, go to make contact page.

This text exists purely to make it easy for you to find me. If you want to find out more, click on one of the links above.

By looking for an independent escort, you’re inadvertently saying something about yourself. You clearly have a sense of what you’re looking for; a highly personal experience via direct contact – no middle men, no managers. The internet equivalent of looking directly into a person’s eyes when you shake their hand. Intimacy can be so very, very difficult to get right in this increasingly chaotic world, right? All of us are at risk of being siloed away from one another by work and technology. I’d hazard a guess you’d like to bridge that gap.

Many clients, especially in central London find clients via an agency. One might then question why an ‘independent’ and not via an agency. Certainly, independent escorts can be harder to find, especially if you demand a high end experience. Perhaps you feel like contacting me is more of a risk. On the other hand, you want to be assured that I’m passionate about this. You don’t want a cookie cutter experience, probably because you’re a thinking, sensitive person who considers the inner worlds of those around him. You want to know what I work with autonomy, that I set my own rates and my own hours. Free to see the people who I like, when I like. Maybe you’re already hoping that will include you.

Like most other elite escorts in London, I’m doing this for myself – I want to see everything and learn everything, because we only live once.

High class experiences

For an independent companion, London is a playground, a hedonistic funfair of the highest calibre. We can hit a late night cocktail bar, enjoy a show in the West End or at the Opera House, dine out at my favorite Michelin spot, or gaze out at the cityscape from the peak of the Shard. Or we can stay in. I’m available for incall or outcall, using my beautiful luxury apartment in central London, or a five star hotel of your choice.  After all, this city has some of the world’s most beautiful hotels! Literally anything is possible, because this is all about you. Above all, I’m committed to helping you have a great time. That is, after all, why you’re here on my page. I’d love to hear some of your ideas about what we might get up to. Drop me an enquiry via my contact page and let’s get planning. I love guys with a strong sense of initiative (though I’m more than happy to lead the way if you’re shy or a little unsure!*)

(*Please also let me know if  you have any extra needs in terms of mobility and accessibility, whether it be due to physical or other reasons. I am more than happy to accommodate you in this regard. All you need to do is let me know!)

If you’re here because you’re looking for a particular experience, then you should know that every date I go on gets the best of me. I am nothing if not committed to the concepts of luxury and decadence. Why would life be worth living otherwise? As an high class independent escort I set my rates so that I see a few, specially selected clients at my apartment in central London and am therefore able to devote my fullest attention to each one. I don’t like to rush, or be distracted by the ‘real’ world. Why would I? The experience we create is the only reality I’m interested in at that moment.

Experience an Independent London Companion here

You may be new to the demimonde or worldly and experienced – though really, can any of us claim to be truly wise in the ways of this world? We can only ever really know what we want, and even that is hard sometimes, let alone laying claim to it. If we do know what we want, it can be hard to know why we want it. For whatever reason, it’s me you’re interested in at this moment and I’m thrilled. Let’s step out into the unknown together and have new experiences together. As I said before, this is your time and it can go however you want

Some people see me as a paradox, having an elite private education but also an intimate familiarity with the delights of the underworld. I don’t see any contradiction at all – I simply enjoy the finer things in life, wherever they are to be found. There is luxury and pleasure all around, we just need to keep our eyes (and hearts) alert to it. Becoming an independent escort has been my way to life the life I always wanted for myself.

A lovely gentleman once said of me that “She also has the loveliest voice in the world, which sounds even lovelier when she descends into depravity.” I’m particularly passionate about dirty talk – Dirty talk is often the thread that ties a truly excellent session together. Whispered commands, requests, even begging. Communication isn’t always verbal, but verbal communication can make the difference between getting something you enjoy and something that’s exactly what you want: a fantasy brought to rich and vivid life, with all the dialogue tailored to your taste.

I love to dress up for dinner or theatre dates, slipping into something elegant. Or to wear something more casual for a trip to an exhibition or gallery. Either way, you can be sure I’ll be wearing some provocative lingerie underneath. It is my privilege to meet some truly extraordinary gentlemen who have accomplished great things in their lives, and explore their hidden depths. I’m a strong believer that everyone has a story to tell; I look forward to hearing yours.