Valerie August


“We must be quite a sight, in our neat triangle, all tangled…”

This song popped into my head the other night during a really great dinner date with Louisa and a gentleman with great taste in gifts. This is one of the few examples of non-monogamy in pop music lyrics I can think of – probably because the concepts of most songs (like most movies) hinge around concepts of lustful possession, jealousy, envy, or the task of choosing between two potential lovers. The horror.

I guess non-monogamy was still fairly taboo in the ‘90s, so thank goddess for the Drab Four and their carnal, sardonic ode to the joys of go-go dancing, shared cigarettes and boy-girl-girl throuples. May we all strive to be Ethical Sluts, today and always.

But oh! RIP Pete Steele, and that truly beautiful cock he unleashed in the now-infamous Playgirl magazine shoot. Type O were well before my time, so I never got the chance to experience them in the flesh, but the internet never forgets ….and for that I am truly grateful.