Valerie August



I want to meet, but what about the pandemic?

Extra information regarding my booking protocol as of Autumn/Winter 2020 can be found here.

If you’re keen to learn more about me but aren’t able to travel to the UK yet or are otherwise unable, you can subscribe to my OnlyFans where I post exclusive uncensored images several times a week. Alternatively, you are welcome to make a booking in advance with a deposit and we can have an initial chat, even if the date is as yet unfixed.

Where will we meet?

Most of my first dates begin over drinks, somewhere secluded and relaxed, either at one of our places or out and about (I have lots of suggestions if you’d like them) I also love spending time in restaurants, galleries, or a nice walk.

For private time we can either enjoy your hotel room or a centrally located luxury apartment that I have at my discretion.

Where are you based? Can you travel to me?

I’m based in central London, but am often tormented by things I’ve seen in Conde Naste Traveller, so it’s usually not long before I succumb to wanderlust again. I’m frequently in Europe and further afield. Drop me a message if you’d like to invite me somewhere special, or you can take a trip to London and we can have an extended mini break right here in my home city.

How should I get in touch?

I prefer an articulate, chatty and open-hearted message via my contact form as a first point of contact – the kind you’d send on a dating site. I’m pretty selective about who I’ll see, and I look for those who’ve taken the extra effort to paint a picture of who they are in their opener. Bonus points if you’ve included screening information unprompted, and another if you’ve outlined your plans for the fun you’d like us to get up to. At times when my attention is focussed on other areas, you may reach my assistant first, but if you’ve taken on board the aforementioned, she’ll make sure your message reaches me, don’t worry!

I'd like to meet last minute or for a shorter duration.

I prefer to let new friendships unfurl at a leisurely pace, so I have a minimum date of two hours – I recommend three or more and prioritise longer dates.

Last minute dates are rare but occasionally possible, so feel free to ask. If you travel frequently to London and are never sure of your availability, I recommend sending an enquiry so my assistant can pre-screen you, making it a seamless process when you drop into town and have a unexpected window for high jinks.

What are your screening/deposit/cancellation procedures?

I protect my time and safety by using deposits and various methods of screening, at my discretion. This allows me to commit fully to my sessions in advance, knowing that they are firmly fixed in both our schedules, and relax in the knowledge that you are who you claim to be, and that our date will be going ahead.

The requirements for screening may include any of the following: your name, phone number, hotel reservation details and room number (for outcall), workplace verification or references from other companions and BDSM professionals.

As I incur expenses and decline other commitments when I book a date with you, all deposits are non refundable (The exception being in the unlikely event I were to cancel on you). If you are unable to make it and need to reschedule, please do with at least 48 hours notice, and I will carry the deposit over to the new date. Cancellation within 48 hours will incur a 50% cancellation fee.

What are your rates?

I offer bespoke rates, depending on what we get up to in those magical hours. Drop me a message via my contact form, and please mention if you have a budget before we begin to make plans. Please note that my rate for outcalls is generally higher than my incall rate, to incorporate travel time.

What kind of people are your clients?

My clients are people of varying ages, backgrounds and identities, looking to broaden their erotic and emotional horizons. I get on well with people who can hold a conversation about what makes them tick – I believe deep conversation leads to deep turn-ons.

I do not discriminate on the basis of race, nationality or class, and I don’t require any of this information when you contact me. I also welcome clients with health conditions or disabilities – in these cases, please mention any special needs when we’re planning our time together. (For clients who use a wheelchair or have other mobility issues, I am happy to waive the outcall fee when visiting you at a Central London hotel of your choice.)

Can I bring a gift? Should I tip?

Oh, I’d love that – gifts turn me into a flustered teenager! You can find inspiration here.

My rates reflect the fact that I’m a self-employed freelancer with all that that entails. I set them at a level that I feel is fair, and so tipping is not expected as any kind of supplementary payment. That said, I do feel very appreciated when someone tips as a gesture, particularly on the occasions where extra thought has gone into our date or your fantasy.

May I write a review of our session?

Those that have reviewed me in the past have kept it tasteful and discreet (you can read some testimonials here) If you would like to write one, please let me know first.

I’ve seen someone else using your photos/text.

I’m passionate about how I put myself across on my site – my images & writing are the product of my own hard work, so naturally from time to time I find that newcomers to the industry have taken heavy inspiration from what they see here. Often this is completely unintentional, but no less frustrating to see. Please drop me a line if you think you’ve seen a doppelgänger out there; and please feel free to email me if the same applies to my own work.

Are you reference friendly?

I certainly am. If we’ve met in the last 18 months I am happy to provide a reference for you if another provider requires one.

How do you feel regarding long term arrangements?

Positively; I’m very much a Daddy’s girl. Let’s chat about it over dinner.