Valerie August


Fetish Playmate

London Fetish Escort


Living in the capital city of the United Kingdom, there are many London fetish escorts who all offer a unique mix of services, from rubber fetish to foot worship. There are plenty of foot fetish escorts especially! So, why should you make the time to see me? To put it simply, it’s because I’ve really taken the time to understand what lies beneath your desires: my knowledge of fetish is second to none in this industry.  I have years of experience in understanding the nature of human sexuality and fetishes, both in my personal and professional life. Having worked as a fetish escort in London for many years now, I truly believe that I have encountered the full range of sexual fetishes, and I’ve taken the time to explore them in depth. My passion is pleasure, and I love to get inside your head to find out what makes you tick – how can I select the perfect shade of scarlet to indulge your lipstick fetish, for instance? Exactly what is it about the flash of red on the mouth of a powerful woman that makes you weak at the knees? Should the finish be matte or glossy? I know that this matters and if you make a booking with me, I guarantee to make your dreams a reality. I have an eye for details, and I know that in order to create the perfect scene, you need to get things just right – whether that’s the perfect pair of white panties to make your knickers fetish come true, or just a tray of shiny implements, lying clean and gleaming, ready to make your medical fetish dreams a reality.


Whilst I love to explore new things, there are certain fetishes which I have a particular fondness for. From an early age, I’ve always had a love of foot worship. The sight of a man kneeling before me, begging me to let him engage in some boot worship makes me feel supremely powerful. I have an extensive collection of boots and shoes, ready to fulfill whatever desires you have. Is it a close fitting thigh high pair of leather boots you’re looking to kiss? Or maybe a sky high heel, in shiny patent red – with a stiletto sharper than my tongue. Whether it’s a boot fetish or a shoe fetish, I’m ready for you to throw yourself at my feet and show me how much you love devoting yourself to my pleasure. You know that I’m worth it.


Or is it what lies beneath the shoes which excites you the most? We can strip everything down with a long foot fetish session, where you massage my perfectly pedicured feet, getting your fingers between each of my toes before kissing the soles of my feet. In my experience, there are two kinds of foot fetishists in the world – those who like them clean, and those who like them dirty! If you’re the latter, I’d love to get them nice and sweaty with a long session in the gym, or wearing the same pairs of socks for days (or weeks) on end. Either way, I love a man with a foot fetish – they truly know how to please a Mistress, and sessions like this are some of my favourite. The life of a foot fetish escort is tough, but someone has to do it!


Then we can move slowly up my body, as you indulge in your desire for my perfectly toned and elegant limbs. Leg worship is another kink I love to indulge in – what could be better than your hands stroking my legs, your lips caressing my soft skin? My long legs are elegantly decorated in artistic tattoos. Why not trace the designs with your fingers, slowly kissing each one. I’ll lie back whilst you devote yourself entirely to the pleasures my silly skin has to offer.


Or in your fantasies, is my skin encased in shiny, slippery nylon? There’s something deliciously taboo about a tights fetish, especially if it’s you wearing them. You can do a lot with a pair of tights, and so a session indulging your pantyhose fetish is a chance for us to get creative. Tying your hands with a pair of nylons, sissification, or just the slow unrolling of a pair of stockings – we’re only limited by our imaginations!


I’m sure that like me, you know the importance of exactly the right piece of clothing – do you have a lingerie fetish which rests on creamy white lace and soft indulgent silks. Or maybe a hosiery fetish? The perfect stockings – seamed, with a Cuban heel, of course. Or maybe you like your London fetish escort in something a little darker. If you have a leather fetish, I have some pairs of tight, soft trousers! There’s nothing quite like the smell of leather, the softness under your fingers, and the promise of deviance that it brings. Or perhaps yours is a latex fetish – imagine a powerful woman, clothed head to toe in shiny black rubber, towering above you. If you’re very good, I’ll even let you polish every inch of the latex. Sounds good, doesn’t it?


And let’s not forget my hands – always perfectly manicured and ready to cause you significant amounts of pain and pleasure. For those with a glove fetish, I’m more than happy to indulge – think about the tantalizing flash of red as I slowly peel off my long, elbow length gloves, revealing my sharp nails ready to gently trace your skin, gripping your arm and leaving my mark on you.


From head to toe, I know how to make you weak with desire, how to tap into the very core of what turns you on. If you’re looking for fetish escorts, London undoubtedly has many to offer. Whilst we each have our own strengths, my in-depth and extensive understanding of what turns you on, what your darkest desires are, and the need for detail, puts me head and shoulders above the rest. And you deserve the best, don’t you think?