Valerie August


We haven’t met yet, but perhaps you’ve been thinking about me; dreaming of an experience you haven’t yet found.

I have a feeling you don’t want to play it safe with the girl next door, because your fantasy is all woman – fierce grace in the streets and seduction in the shadows. Your drive towards erotic intoxication has led you here. You want high octane thrills and deep sensuality.

I try and contain the multitudes, but they tend to escape out of me in bursts. I want it all: slow dancing and drop-top speed; romance and perversion; pillow talk and walks on the wild side. I like my sex parties with a side order of blissful solitude. I love bright colours and thunderstorms. I move to the beat of my own drum. I’m hungry for everything this life gives to me: secret rendezvous in luxury suites, deep hot bathtubs, the feeling of silk and leather, the first time our hands touch.

No-one’s ever described me as the Girl-Next-Door. I’m a high voltage fusion of dry British wit and continental flirtatiousness. I’m the girl you were most certainly warned about. A copper-brunette bombshell in a tight red dress and a hypnotic smile, the wayward love child of Jean Shrimpton & David Bailey. A character from your favourite lucid dream, with poised confidence, a wicked laugh and a fondness for boys who eat from the palm of my hand.

While enamoured with London life, I’m equally likely to be poolside somewhere secluded: bikini ready with a Pentax in one hand and a chilled flute of something vintage in the other. Life has little in the way of maps, so I let my desires lead the way…why don’t you come with me?

Happiness is...

○ New crushes

○ Wild swimming

○ An old book with the ghost of another reader in the margin

○ Either of the golden hours (Okay, fine…the PM one)

○ Shouting loudly into an echo



○ A Mamiya RB67 and someone naked to photograph

○ A hotel balcony with an Eiffel tower view

○ A long flight or car ride with two pairs of noise-cancelling headphones and a killer playlist

○ When someone pre-heats a room to my favourite temperature (22°C)


○ The touch of a woman’s stilletto manicure

○ A friendly London cab driver with a great anecdote

○ Wood fired hot tubs and cold plunge pools

○ Late night deep and meaningfuls about the universe

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