Valerie August


London Mistress Escort


The way the media portrays femdom is usually the vicious Dominatrix type: big shiny latex boots and torture. Of course that has its place, and it’s incredibly fun! But the consequence is that when people think of a Mistress, they usually think of someone totally inaccessible, with a haughty demeanour. She touches you (normally to hurt you), but is never touched herself. As a London domme escort, I take a very different approach. My focus is on erotic domination, meaning I combine  full service escorting with pro-domme work. As a Mistress and escort, my most popular service by far is sessions that offer sensual domination. I could also describe this as sexual domination, intimate domination or loving domination. Though I love shiny black leather as much as the next person, the emphasis is less on the aesthetic and more on the emotional content of the session.

I love exploring this gentler, loving kind of dominance. The kind that purrs ‘good boy’ in a voice that melts butter as well as your heart, and is more lavish with praise than commands. It’s worth thinking about because, as with knowing more about your style of submission, understanding the kind of dominance you respond best to helps me work out what makes you tick. I want to know, when I meet up with you, how best to build on our chemistry. Should I be merciful, or vengeful? Calm and loving, or vicious? Should I kiss you gently on the cheek, or slap you across the face? Should I keep you guessing, constantly walking on eggshells around me so you’re never sure whether to expect my pleasure or my wrath? The more I understand about your kinks, the more fun our play will be.

Many Mistresses refuse to work as escorts, believing it somehow diminishes their Dominant position. I don’t believe this at all – we’re all doing the work of exploring intimacy, in its various manifestations. The surrender of power to a strict, controlling Domme is one type of intimacy. Sex and sexual exploration are simply other forms of intimacy. Dominant and submissive dynamics also cut across specific acts. For instance, to sexually penetrate is often portrayed as intrinsically dominant. But what if you are being made to penetrate, at your Mistress’ command? What if you are administering a beating, but knowing full well that you will be punished severely if you fail to follow Her instructions exactly?

Speaking of beatings, I’m of course extremely happy to dish these out as well! I have a great array of implements and I’m happy to instruct you in the finer points of corporal punishment with cane or belt. Or perhaps you need to be put over my lap and spanked? I can go into full Dominatrix mode, squeeze into some latex and tie you to a spanking bench. Or we could have a little role-play, perhaps with me as the strict headmistress and you as a very naughty boy… which you are, otherwise why would you even be reading this? Step forward to receive your punishment.

Sadism is an especially delicate art. For me, being a sadist isn’t so much in causing pain itself, but its role in the psychology of Domination. Pain – say the strike of a riding crop across your thighs – forces a reaction. A gasp, or a clenching of the teeth. Or perhaps it’s simply anticipation, as I roll a pinwheel across your skin, slowly approaching or withdrawing from the sensitive parts. Given the right tools and enough time, I can play you like a musical instrument, gently (or not so gently) coaxing out exactly the responses I desire.

Corporal punishment goes very nicely with bondage, which is why I keep a set of cuffs tied around the corners of my bed at all times. I naturally have to be ready to tie you spread-eagled at a moment’s notice! Tying someone up with rope is an altogether different sort of activity – slower, thoughtful, almost meditative. There’s a deep pleasure in getting every knot just so. And then slowly tightening it around you, until even the thought of motion is squeezed away. We add another layer yet: sensory deprivation. As I place the blindfold over your eyes, the world slips away. Then I add white noise into your ears, and even the subtle hum of the city disappears. You lose all point of reference. You are reduced beyond mere submission to pure helplessness, a plaything in the palm of my hand.

One of my favourite activities is pegging or strap-on play. I honestly believe you haven’t lived until you’ve experienced the vulnerability and pleasure of being penetrated. And I am, of course, utterly selfless in wanting to bring this experience to more and more people. I will admit that my behind does look amazing in a harness, not to mention the temporary thrill of having a nice big cock. Sometimes I can see why the boys all get so excited about it and want to show it off. If you’re very good, I might even let you put it in your mouth. Aren’t I a generous Mistress?

It’s absolutely true that my body is a temple – all the more reason you should worship at it. The preferred method is that you start at my feet, going all the way up my legs, eventually arriving at my bottom. If you’re very good, I’ll allow you to give me oral pleasure. Or maybe I’ll sit on your face, enclosing you intimately between my legs. Face-sitting is a pure joy, simply for the amount of control it gives me as a Domme, and for the look in your eyes as you peek out desperately between my thighs.

Orgasmic pleasure isn’t exclusively for me, though a good submissive always has to earn his share. As a Dominatrix escort, I derive a wicked enjoyment from orgasm control and edging, pushing you closer and closer to the precipice before stopping you in your tracks. I can keep it up for ages, forcing you to beg and plead for release. Though if you don’t please me sufficiently, maybe I’ll send you on your way unsatisfied. Perhaps next time you’ll try just a bit harder to give your Mistress what she wants.