Valerie August


London Submissive Valerie

Perhaps you have a fantasy about putting a submissive escort as a naughty girl across your lap and spanking her bottom hard? Teaching her a lesson with a cane, strap, belt, paddle or whip? Or have you been daydreaming about keeping that lazy secretary of yours in the office after hours for some discipline and seeing just how badly she wants to keep her job? Maybe you have a fantasy involving keeping a girl bound tightly with ropes whilst you tickle and tease her, torturing her with pleasure and pain, playing with her senses?

Take Control

Dominant men and women have been the centre of my sexual fantasising since my earliest memories, long before Anastasia Steele met Christian Grey. Though I have developed a strong desire to dominate in the last 5 years, I will never stop craving the opportunity to sink to my knees and relinquish control to a lover who knows how to handle me.

To me, submission is a million miles away from passivity and powerlessness…it makes me feel powerful to create a scene with someone according to their wishes and desires, and then make the magic happen.

The submissive roleplay characters I like to inhabit are varied: in turns a compliant and obedient slave, a fearful and frightened damsel in distress, a struggling indignant brat, a spoilt daddy’s girl, a wanton slut. I have a skill for identifying the right vibe for both of us and playing that part to perfection. I know that attire matters: the perfect lingerie set, the white panties, the authentic uniform, the tightest secretary skirt.

No matter the character, my favourite activities have the same powerful effect on my body – spanking, being restrained, being gagged and blindfolded, being verbally admonished and spoken down to, being on display and being watched. I long to serve somebody, worship their body. I’m a bad, bad girl and I need to be corrected….will you take me in hand?

My Submissive Fantasies

Bondage/tie & tease
Spanking & Impact Play
Gags & Blindfolds

Taboo Roleplay

Pet Play
Orgasm Control

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