Valerie August


Summer 2020 Update

As some may be aware, at the onset of the lockdown in March, I moved out of London to live with Louisa, and during this time I haven’t been seeing anyone but her, the postman, and occasionally, if we are lucky, the odd farmer rolling by in a tractor.

I have no plans to travel internationally for the rest of 2020, but I hope to visit London on a regular basis, before moving back properly when the things that fill my life with joy like parties, restaurants and swimming pools are fully back in action.

As the lockdown measures are slowly being rolled back, I am going to start compiling a waiting list for anyone interested in a date. Please get in touch via the contact form, and understand that all inquiries are subject to fluctuating situations in the news. It’s my preference once things are up and running again to see a very select number of clients and so for this reason longer bookings are strongly preferred. Get in touch and lets chat about it!

Normal screening and deposit procedures apply, and please expect more explicit discussion about health and risk to be the new normal, everywhere in life.

Until we meet! <3

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