Valerie August



West London Companion

Though I no longer actively seek out reviews, I’ve been based in the West End of London for the past five years and received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from clients.

Here you can find a selection of some of the comments clients have left me in the last couple of years. You may also message me for direct links to any of the below reviews if you wish to read them in full.  If you’re an existing client, and wish to review me, drop me an email to let me know!

Valerie's apartment is located conveniently near Piccadilly Circus in central London. You can see from her website that she is a stunningly beautiful woman, but what you won’t discover until you meet her in the flesh is how warm friendly and intelligent she is, and until you are kneeling before her, how amazing she is at playing out your fantasies. [November 2016]
I am still amazed by how much you got absolutely right during our first session. I only gave you a hazy outline yet you filled in the fine detail with astonishing accuracy. The level of spanking was just right with the thrill of my bottom’s glowing redness making itself felt as I rode my motorbike home from Soho... Above all was your aura of sensual authority that can only come from a genuine love of the scene and if I close my eyes now I can see your physical perfection, charm and dominance controlling me with such consummate and enjoyable ease. [July 2016]
The combination of Valerie’s dangerously dirty talk in my ear and Louisa’s innocent little-girl-lost face staring up at me was seriously hot and will probably fuel a thousand fantasies for the future. [Feb 2016]
I have visited over 30 Mistresses for sissy/forced feminisation sessions over the years. They have included Mistresses who advertise that they “specialise” in playing with sissies. I can honestly say that my session with Mistress Valerie was the best sissy session I have ever experienced: by a country mile. Mistress Valerie was so understanding of my desires, and such a fabulous role-player, that for the first time ever my sissy fantasy actually came true. It was an exceptionally good session, and I am so glad to have finally found the Mistress of my dreams. My search is finally over. [Dec 2015]
I rate her extremely highly for all round sexuality, sensuality, personality and communication; I will definitely see her again. Strong recommend for this adorable woman. [Sept 2015]
No disappointments here. Valerie is tall, slim, very attractive, and her legs should have been registered as an area of outstanding natural beauty even before they were adorned with the most incredible artwork. She is intelligent, articulate and very easy to talk to. She has that rare ability to put you at your ease very quickly and I found within a few minutes of meeting her that I felt able to open up about my kinks, likes, dislikes and fantasies. Her flat is absolutely beautiful, located in London's West End, very near to Leicester Square. [August 2015]
I asked her to skip any warm up and just hit me very, very hard. That’s just what she did, with great accuracy and power. What followed was 90 minutes of one of the most intense erotic experiences I have ever had....You should all avoid her so I can have her all to myself! [June 2015]
I can’t stress enough how much I enjoyed sessioning with Valerie. She is an absolute beauty with a genuine passion for kink and a devilishness about her that had me mesmerised from start to finish. [April 2015]
Valerie is as breathtakingly beautiful as she is in her pictures with an incredible figure and the most captivating of smiles. She’s an intelligent and well-spoken girl who I’m sure would put even the most nervous of novices at ease...Everything that was to be included was discussed and agreed by e-mail in the days leading up to the session, and upon arriving on the day Valerie sat me down for a brief, friendly chat to talk over in person exactly what I hoping to gain from my time with her and how she could best incorporate my many fetishes. And it was clear to see that she took on board each and every thing that I mentioned to treat me to the most delightfully cruel time. [April 2015]
Valerie’s pictures are accurate but they won’t prepare you for how stunning she is in real life. She is lithe and tall (especially in the heels I asked her to wear) and she has a shock of thick dark-blonde hair that I couldn’t resist playing with when I had her restrained (more of that later..). Oh and her startling blue eyes could knock you on your arse with a glance, and her red lipstick provokes a thousand wicked thoughts. She was dressed as I had requested in a business outfit over stockings and suspenders and towering heels and she looked just perfect! [April 2015]